ASPMN ’s Director of Government Affairs keeps us informed of bills and policies that matter most. A Washington presence ensures that pain management issues are heard and represented when bills and regulations are proposed or amendments to them are suggested. We use our governmental affairs program to educate Congress, and the Administration on all of our issues. Additionally, we further use it to ensure that we are also represented in issues of importance to our field that arise in the states.

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Organizational Advocacy Statements

This year ASPMN ’s Communications Committee began work on a series of organizational advocacy statements around current issues of importance to pain management. Internally we all know that ASPMN®’s members have a wealth of knowledge in the field of pain management, but we need to make sure everyone knows it. These papers are intended to give elected officials, media, and other interested parties a snapshot of our expertise on topics of national interest, and to invite them to engage us in more in-depth conversations.

1. Statement on the Use of Medical Marijuana

2. Multimodal Therapies to Manage Pain – More than Just Opioids

3. Statement on Abuse Deterrent Formulations

4. Statement on Nurses’ Use of Integrative Therapies for Pain

5. Statement Regarding the Use of Opioids for Chronic Pain While Preventing Abuse and Diversion

6. In Defense of Education

ASPMN Letter to DEA, Production Quota Limits – November 30, 2023

WHO Guidelines – ASPMN Comment May 12, 2021

The document can be found here.

The Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force
Report Final Report was released in the spring of 2019.

The document can be found here.

Advance Copy of Opioid Declaration Fact Sheet Available

The link below is an advanced copy of the fact sheet for the President’s announcement
regarding the opioid crisis.

Fact Sheet Opioid Declaration 10-26-2017

The President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and
the Opioid Crisis released their final report on Wednesday,
November 1, 2017.

The document can be found here.

ASPMN Letter To Dr. Scott Gottlieb, MD, Commissioner, Food
and Drug Administration

Click here to view letter

National Pain Strategy

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services today released a National Pain Strategy, outlining the federal government’s first
coordinated plan for reducing the burden of chronic pain that affects millions of Americans. The National Pain Strategy is a roadmap toward achieving a system of care in which all people receive appropriate, high quality and evidence-based care for pain.

Please share within your networks as appropriate.

National Pain Strategy Press Release

NIH Heal Initiative

The document can be found here.

CDC Draft Opioid Prescribing Guidelines

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) held a webinar on Wednesday, September 16, on Opioid
Prescribing Guidelines. During this webinar they released draft recommendations. The following
are the slides that include those recommendations.

CDC Draft Opioid Rx Guidelines Webinar Slides

Update February 17, 2016.

CDC Draft Opioid Rx Guidelines
Current CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

Role of a Pain Management Nurse

ASPMN Sends Letter to Health Canada Regarding Abuse
Deterrent Drugs

Click here for the letter

ASPMN Legislative Toolkit now available!

If you have suggestions to include in the toolkit, please contact Wade Delk.

ASPMN Statement of Support

A Call to Revolutionize Pain Care in America