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ASPMN® supports nurses managing pain and your membership is important as we continue to represent pain management nursing in local, state and national arenas. ASPMN® is here to provide benefits that serve you as an active member of our organization. ASPMN® members have access to a wealth of resources, discounts and benefits that can only come from being an official member of ASPMN®. These special perks contribute to both personal advancement and professional goal achievement while instilling a sense of community with members, both nationally and through local chapters, who are also passionate about pain management and patient care.​ 

Click the highlighted categories below to join ASPMN® online.  Note the retired category is only for existing members.

Any United States citizen or permanent resident who is licensed to practice as a professional registered nurse and is interested in pain management. Active members can vote, hold office, and serve on committees. Dues are $140.00 annually.
A professional registered nurse licensed and practicing outside North America, and not licensed in North America.
International members shall be excluded from holding office and voting. International members can be asked to be a non-voting committee member if approved by the Board of Directors. Dues are $150.00 (US funds) annually.
An individual enrolled in a nursing education program leading to eligibility for registered nurse licensure or BSN degree completion. Student members shall be excluded from holding office and serving on committees. Dues are $55.00 annually.​
Includes LPN/LVNs, and other health care professionals who are interested in ASPMN®’s goals (e.g., pharmacists, social workers). Associate members shall be excluded from holding office and voting. An Associate Member can be a member of a committee. Dues are $95.00 annually.
Retired RN membership shall be retired nurses over 62 years of age who are not currently employed in nursing, and have been an ASPMN® member for three continuous years prior to the status change from full membership to retired membership. Dues are one-half of the active membership annually. Email the ASPMN® Executive to see if you qualify.
* U.S. Funds

ASPMN®'s dues are billed each year in December with a December 31 expiration date. Please pay the prorated amount your first year, and then you will be billed in December for the full next year's amount. Below is a chart for your reference.
January - March$140.00$55.00$95.00$70.00$150.00
April - June$105.00$41.25$71.25 $112.50
July - September$70.00$27.50$47.50$67.50
October - December*
(Pays through the end of 
the next calendar year)
*Members joining in October, November or December pay the prorated amount PLUS the above yearly amount to avoid being invoiced the first December of your membership year.

Has your membership expired in the past year? You may reinstate your membership online if you are able to select the renew button or find last year’s dues in your cart when you log in to the Member Only Log in. If you are not able to log in, or do not find your dues/renewal in your record, please use the Reinstatement Form linked here​.​

ASPMN® Members
As an ASPMN® member, you will join the ranks of other pain management professionals including clinicians, administrators, educators and researchers who work in an array of roles such as:
  • Staff Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Manager
  • Administrator
  • Clinical Educator
  • Academic Educator
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Researcher

Join ASPMN ​