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​​​​​ASPMN® Committees​


ASPMN Committees Committees respond to the direction and charge of the Board by deliberating the best way to accomplish a task; they explore options and make recommendations for Board action (through the Board liaison). These recommendations may take the form of requests for projects, programs, or expenditures. Committees do not expend funds on behalf of the organization.

Task Forces are formed by the Board of Directors to carry out a specific charge. Once the charge has been accomplished, the Task Force is disbanded.

Thought Groups are formed by the Board of Directors to address the need to proceed with an identified project or activity. Thought groups meet, via conference calls, and bring a recommendation to the Board for further action on the identified project or activity. Once the recommendation has been accepted by the Board, the thought group is disbanded.

Are you interested in joining a committee? If so, please click here​ to download a "Willing to Serve" form.

Committee Chairs 

Achievement and Recognition
Maddy Pelky​
Milwaukee, Wisconsin​ 

Chapter Resource/Membership
Marian Wilson, PhD, MPH, RN-BC
Careywood, Idaho

Conference Program Planning

Laurie Holmes, RN-BC, BSN
Kansas City, Missouri 

Kathy Baule
Muncie, Indiana

Wade Delk​​


Jennifer Kawi, PhD, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CNE
Las Vegas, Nevada ​

Lauren E. Renner, MS, RN, PNP
Bexley, Ohio ​

Ann N. Quinlan-Colwell, PhD, RN-BC, D​AAPM
Wilmington, North Carolina

Jinbing(Bing) Bai, PhD, MSN, RN
Atlanta, Georgia​