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​ASPMN® Position Statements


  1. Prescribing and Administering Opioid Doses Based Solely on Pain Intensity​​​ (Approved: 2016​) ASPMN®​ Erratum 2016​​​
  2. Aut​horized Agent Controlled Analgesia - A position paper with clinical practice guidelines (Approved: August 2013)
  3. Pain Management at the End of Life(Revised: October 2017, Orginally approved: August 2013)
  4. Male Infant Circumcision Pain Management (Revised: July 2011, Originally approved: 2001)
  5. Pain Assessment in the Patient Unable to Self-Report - A position paper with clinical practice recommendations (Revised: July, 2011, Originally approved: February, 2006)
  6. Guidelines on Monitoring for Opioid-Induced Sedation and Respiratory Depression (Approved: June, 2011)
  7. Use of Placebos in Pain Management (Revised: August 2010; July 2004, Originally approved: 1998)
  8. Procedural Pain Management Position Statement(Approved: 2011)
  9. Registered Nurse Management and Monitoring of Analgesia By Catheter Techniques(Approved: 2007)​