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​2012 Conference Handouts


Please check back periodically for the

handouts to be posted.

Note:  If the session is not linked, the speaker has not yet provided us with a presentation. We will be updating this page as we receive them. ​

Schedule-At-A-Glance - please note that this schedule will be provided for onsite attendees in your registration packet.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Workshop Day! - please note that each workshop will have handouts distributed on site for registrants.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

CE Breakfast Symposium: Opioid-Induced Constipation: Considerations to Enable Appropriate, Early Targeted Therapy for Better Patient Outcomes Supported by an Educational Grant from Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Keynote Address: Lessons Learned – Military Medicine’s Pain Management Journey – Kevin T. Galloway


General Session -Interpretation of The Joint Commission Standards Related to Pain ManagementPatricia Adamski


CE Lunch Symposium: Managing Risk & Optimizing Outcomes in the Management of Chronic PainSupported by an Educational Grant from Millennium Laboratories


General Session - Legal & Regulatory Perspectives on Controlled Substances to Treat Pain: Where Are We? Where Are We Headed? How Can We Avoid Train Wrecks? – Jennifer Bolen & Cathy A. Gallagher


General Session - The Update of ASPMN® Position Statement: Pain Management in Patients with Substance Use DisordersCandace C. Coggins, Deborah Matteliano, June Oliver & Barbara St. Marie



Friday, September 14, 2012

Non-CE Breakfast Symposium: OFIRMEV® (acetaminophen) Injection: A Non-Narcotic Foundation for Multimodal Analgesia in the Perioperative Patient – Courtesy of Cadence Pharmaceuticals


Concurrent Session 1

Basic - 1A. Massage & Healing Touch Therapy: Enhancing Pain Control for Infants & ChildrenBarbara Symalla & Barb Cant

Basic - 1B. Receptors & Neurotransmitters: It Sounds Greek to MeCathy Carlson

Basic - 1C. Navigating the Moral Distress of Nurses Who Care for Patients with PainHelen Turner

Adv.  - 1D. The Challenges of Helping People Undergoing Methadone Maintenance Treatment Manage Pain When HospitalizedAnn Quinlan-Colwell

Adv. -  1E. Managing Post-Operative Pain in the Severely Obese Patient: Treatment & Monitoring ChallengesMaureen Cooney & Denise Sullivan

Research - 1F. Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Effectiveness of the Pain Resource Nurse Program – Sigridur Gunnarsdottir


Concurrent Session 2

Basic - 2A. The Transition of Young Adults with Sickle Cell Disease from Pediatric to Adult Care SettingsSharon Wrona

Basic - 2B. “In the Beginning”: Managing Patient Expectations about an Interdisciplinary Pain ClinicJoey Robinson

Basic - 2C. Prescription Drug Abuse & the Toxicology of Urine Drug TestingJosh Gunn

Adv. -  2D. Multi-Modal Approach for Optimal Pain Management after Total Knee SurgeriesTatyana Shuster

Adv. -  2E. The Caring Touch: Reiki for Pain Management – Emerging Trends & Future Possibilities – Anne Vitale

Research - 2F. War on Pain: Research Programs by the Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain ManagementRosemary Polomano, Kyung Kwon, Hisani Brandon-Edwards & Megan Vaughan


Concurrent Session 3

Basic -  3A. Journey to Pain Certification: A Successful Group EffortCynthia Wagner

Adv. -   3B. “It Still Hurts”: Promoting Self-Management for Chronic PainChristine Stamatos & Patricia Bruckenthal

Basic - 3C. Monitoring Patients with Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression: Implementation of GuidelinesCarla Jungquist, Joyce Willens

Adv. - 3D. Using a Validated Tool to Assess Opportunities for Pain Management Quality ImprovementMary Lyons

Basic - 3E. School Reintegration: Nursing Role in Channeling Rough Waters for the Pediatric Chronic Pain Patient – Connie Luedtke, Emily Dresher& April L. Shappell

Research - 3F. Comfort Over Pain in PregnancyLenore A. Charles


Concurrent Session 4

Adv. - 4A. Development & Evolution of the Evidence-Based  Protocol Nurse Directed Pain ServiceKaren Snow Kaiser, Michele Bennett, Susan Evans & Cathy Bower

Adv. - 4B. The Fibromyalgia Syndrome: How Far Have We Come in Our Understanding & ManagementTheresa Mallick-Searle

Basic - 4C. Advanced Techniques for Cancer Pain ManagementLaura Textor

Basic - 4D. Comorbidities of Depression, Anxiety & Chronic Pain in Children & AdolescentsSharon Wrona

Adv. - 4E. Tips for Taming the Beast: Lessons Learned Working with Substance Use Disorders & Chronic Pain – Connie Luedtke & Joan B. Cronin

Research - 4F. Shedding Light on an Overlooked Population: Medical Inpatients with PainEsther I. Bernhofer


Saturday, September 15, 2012


Concurrent Session 5

Basic -  5A. Family History Information Helps Inform Chronic Pain TreatmentElizabeth Pestka, Emily Dresher & Joan Cronin

Basic - 5B. Care of the Frequently Admitted Chronic Pain Patient: Utilizing a Nurse-Run Pain ServiceDawn Kunz

Adv. - 5C. Medicinal Marijuana: A Critical Review of the LiteratureTheresa Mallick-Searle

Basic - 5D. Methadone: Are You Prepared to Use It?Marsha Farrell

Basic - 5E. ETCO2 & Opioids: Measurement of the Ebb & FlowCathy L. Carlson

Research - 5F. Effect of a Biobehavioral Intervention on Post-Operative Pain, Anxiety & Neuropeptide Levels – Donna Burge

Concurrent Session 6

Basic - 6A. How to Throw a Fun & Educational “Pain Awareness Fair”!Cynthia Wagner& Linda Kramer

Adv. - 6B. Continuous Nerve Block Infusions: Use in Children & Adolescents in Both Inpatient or Outpatient SettingsKelley Windsor & Lane Faughnan

Basic - 6C. In the Event of Pressure Changes, Please Apply Your Oxygen Mask FirstCindy R. Heck

Adv. - 6D. Challenges & Approaches to Pain Assessment Research in Non-Communicative Palliative Care Patients in Acute CareKaren Snow Kaiser, Deborah B. McGuire, Karen Soeken, JoAnne Reifsnyder & Timothy Keay

Basic - 6E. Nurse…Get Ready to Play…RATE MY PAIN! Recognition of Pain in the Non-Verbal & Critically Ill Adult – Liza Marmo

Research - 6F. Depression & Pain Interference among Emergency Department Chronic Pain Patients Recruited to a Web-Based ProgramMarian Wilson

Jean Guveyan Lecture: The Global Impact Advances in Pain Management NursingBetty Ferrell

General SessionOptimizing Analgesia to Enhance Recovery after SurgeryFrancesco Carli


Note:  If the session is not linked, the speaker has not yet provided us with a presentation. We will be updating this page as we receive them.