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​2010 Conference Handouts

Please check back periodically for the handouts to be posted.

Note:  If the session is not linked, the speaker has not yet provided us with a presentation. We will be updating this page as we receive them.

Who's Coming? -- Conference Pre-Registration Roster

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Workshop Day! - please note that each workshop will have handouts distributed on site for registrants.

Opening Session/Keynote Address - What's Laugh Got To Do With It? -- Hob Osterlund, MS, RN-BC, CNS

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breakfast Symposium* - (CE) Persistent & Breakthrough Pain: Continual Semi-Structured Assessment for Improved Opioid-Based Therapy -- Supported by an educational grant from Cephalon

Jean Guyvean Lecture: Pain & Chemical Dependency as a Complex Human Experience -- Barbara St. Marie, PhDc, MA, RN-BC, CS, ANP, GNP -- Supported by Purdue Pharma LP

General Session - Remaking Health Care in America -- Joshua Derr, MPA

General Session - The Neurobiology of Pain: We've Come a Long Way & Still a Long Way to Go -- Miles Belgrade, MD

Lunch Symposium* - (Non-CE) -- Qutenza®: A Novel Treatment Option for Patients with Post-Herpetic Neuralgia -- Supported by NeuroGesX

General Session - Risk Prevention of Persistent Neuropathic Post-Surgical & Post-Trauma Pain -- Chris Pasero, MS, RN-BC, FAAN - Supported by an educational grant by Baxter

Dinner Symposium* - (CE) -- Overcoming Disparities in Pain Management: Beyond the Decade of Pain -- Supported by an educational grant from Pricara®, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Enduring Materials


Friday, September 24, 2010

Breakfast Symposium* - (CE) -- Opioid Therapy: Reducing Risk of Over-Sedation & Respiratory Depression -- Supported by an educational grant from Hospira

Concurrent Session I

A.  Facts, Failures, Foundations & Frivolity That Are Not for the Fainthearted: An Open Discussion with ASPMN® Founders and Former Presidents

B.  ASPMN® Position Statement on Preparation for and Management of Pain Related to Procedures -- Janice Reynolds, BSN, RN-BC, OCN; Patricia Collins, MSN, RN-BC, AOCN, CHPN; Michelle Czarnecki, MSN, RN-BC, CPNP; Darcy Doellman, RN,BSN, CRNP; Kathleen Ross, MSN, RN-BC, CRRN; Helen Turner, DNP, RN-BC, PCNS-BC; Sharon Wrona, MS, RN-BC, CNP

C.  Paths Through Pain -- Kelly Almonte, RN, BSN

D.  Pain & Palliative Care in Southern India -- Joann Eland, PhD, RN- FAAN

E.  Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes in Children & Adolescents: When It Hurts Too Much -- Deborah Krepcio, CRNP, MSN, CPNP

F.  A Meta-Analysis of Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Analgesic Treatment for Pain in the US -- Salimah H. Meghani, PhD, MBE, CRNP, RN

Concurrent Session II

A.  Optimizing the Treatment of In-Patients with Acute Presentations -- Joan M. Beard, MSN, RN-BC; Karen Sikorski, RN, MS, APN-BC; Colleen Dunwoody,MS, RN-BC

B. Pain in Long-Term Survivors of Cancer: Every Nurse's Responsibility -- Carol Curtiss, MSN, RN-BC; Pamela J. Haylock, PhD, RN

C.  The Gain Control Theory of Pain -- Paul Arnstein, PhD, RN-BC, APRN-BC

D.  Opioids & Sleep Apnea: Can They Exist in Harmony? -- Kathy Lattavo, MSN, RN-BC, CPNP

E. Pediatric Chronic Pain & School Avoidance: What's a Team to Do? -- Michelle Czarnecki, MSN, RN-BC, CPNP

F.  Psychometric Testing & Clinical Utility of the CPAT Instrument for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia -- Patricia Bruckenthal, PhD, RN, ANP

Lunch Symposium* - (Non-CE) -- An Advance in Multimodal Analgesic Therapy -- Presented by Pricara®, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Concurrent Session III

A.  Who Do You First Protect? Your Practice or Your Patient? -- Mary Vargas, Esq.; Micke Brown, BSN, RN

B.  Ketamine: The Long & Winding Road to Clinical Practice -- Lois Pizzi, BSN, RN-BC; Colleen Dunwoody, MS, RN-BC

C.  The Role of Regional Analgesia in the Management of Pain Related to Trauma -- Ellyn Radson, BSN, RN-BC

D. Starting an NP-Led Practice for the Management of Chronic Pain -- Candace Coggins, MS, MS, RN-BC

E.  Pediatric Pain Management - It's Not Always Easy: Important "How-To's" for Managing Pain in Children -- Michelle Czarnecki, MSN, RN-BC, CPNP

F.a.  Validity & Reliability of the Moline-Roberts Pharmacologic Sedation Scale - Beverly Moline, MS, RN-BC, APRN-BC; Melanie Roberts

F.b.  Pain Resource Nurse Program & Impact on Barriers to Pedatric Pain Management -- Helen Turner, DNP, RN-BC, PCNS-BC

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Breakfast Symposium* - (Non-CE)

Practical Applications to Support Responsible Treatment of Chronic Pain with a Long-Acting Opioid -- Supported by Purdue Pharma, LP

Concurrent Session IV

A.  Management of Chronic Headaches: An Interdisciplinary Approach -- Deborah Zajac, RN-BC

B.  Expanding Opportunities for Pain Management: Exploring the World of Alternative Therapies -- Kathryn Royer, RN, BA

C.  Epidural Pain Management for the Post-Operative Patient -- Irene Zamora, MSN, RN-BC, CNS

D.  Intrathecal Therapy in Cancer: From Trialing to Management -- Patrick Coyne, MSN, RN, FAAN

E.  Integration of Complementary/Alternative Therapies into In-Patient Pediatric Pain Management -- Maura Fitzgerald, Michelle Berg

F.a. Pain Management Clinical Judgment of Senior Nursing Students in their Practicum Experience -- JoAnne G. Samuels, MSN, RN-BC, PhD

F.b. The Influence of Anger Rumination & Gender on Chronic Low Back Pain: A Descriptive Study -- Ann Quinlan-Colwell, MSN, RN-BC, AHN-BC

Concurrent Session V

A.  The Addicted or Opioid-Dependent Patient having Surgery -- Cathy Trame, MS, CNS, RN-BC

B. Comfort Over Pain in Pregnancy -- Lenore Charles, MSN, CNM

C.  Attacking Opioid Administration Errors: An Approach to IV Opioid Education -- Taralyn Johnson, FNP

D.  Acupuncture -- Miles Belgrade, MD

E.  Pediatric Headache: A Complex Problem -- Lynn Clark, BSN, RN-BC

F.a.  Pain Management Documentation in the Age of the EMR: Analyzing One Hospital's Records -- Joanne G. Samuels, MSN, RN-BC, PhD

F.b. Pediatric Nurses' Journey's to Relieve Children's Post-Operative Pain -- Renee Manworren, MS, RN-BC, CNS

Lunch Time Program* (Non-CE) - Around the Clock Management of Moderate to Severe Chronic Pain: A First of its Kind Technology -- Supported by King Pharmaceuticals

Concurrent Session VI

A.  Spinal Pain -- Florence Beth Hentzen, MSN, RN-BC

B. Fibromylagia: Myths & Realities -- Anna Louise Plaisance, RN-BC, DNS

C.  Improving Pain Management through Electronic Data Query Reporting -- Matthew Peters, MSN

D.  Games for Pain Education--Cathy Carlson,PhD,RN-BC

E.  Follow the Journey of Children with Chronic Pain -- Sharon Wrona, MS, RN-BC, CNP

F.a.  Investigating Opioid Withdrawal in an ICU Setting: A Gap Analysis -- Alexandra Armitage, MSc(Hons), MSc, RN, CNL

F.b. Non-Adherence to Analgesic Treatment for Cancer Pain Between African Americans & Whites: A Pilot Study -- Salimah H. Meghani, PhD, MBE, CRNP, RN

General Session - What, You Thought REMS Was All about Sleep? Ain't Necessarily So! -- Marsha Stanton, PhD, RN; Barbara St. Marie, PhDc, MA, RN-BC, CS, ANP, GNP; Michael D. Barnes, Esq.

Closing Keynote - How to Stay Energized in a Changing World -- Greg Risberg, CSP, MSW


Note:  If the session is not linked, the speaker has not yet provided us with a presentation. We will be updating this page as we receive them.